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3MT Student Competition

PhD and professional degree students from partner institutions attending the 2018 McDonnell Academy Symposium will participate in A special adaptation of The University of Queensland’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition.

UQ’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) research competition was developed in 2008 and is now internationally recognized.  The competition showcases the unique research PhD and professional degree students are conducting and cultivates students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills by challenging competitors to explain their research to a non-specialist audience in three minutes using only one PowerPoint slide.

Adapted for the Symposium, 3MT® presentations will be focused around one of the three themes.  The three themes of the Symposium are:
1. *Agriculture, Food & Water
2. Energy & Environment
3. Public Health & Aging

* Submissions focused on the topic of Climate Change will also be accepted and categorized under the Agriculture, Food & Water theme.

The symposium’s 3MT® competition finalists who will present live in beijing have been announced!

Agriculture, Food & Water, Climate Change

Gabriela Filipini Ferreira, State University of Campinas
“How can we reduce CO2 release into the atmosphere?”

Candice Jones, The University of Queensland
“A talking plant?!”

Philip Minderhoud, Utrecht University
“Forget about sea level rise: The sinking of lands is the real problem”

Min Wang, Washington University in St. Louis
“Facts & Melodrama: Literature’s participation in topics concerning agriculture and food”

Yang Xia, Tsinghua University
“Climate projection with ensemble method”

Energy & Environment

Po-Cheng Lin, Washington University in St. Louis
“Turning Bacteria into Factories: Microbial Production of Fuels from Carbon Dioxide”

Jin Meng, Tsinghua University
“Great but Money-saving Earth Observation Method”

Pannawee Mekwichai, Chulalongkorn University
“Cleanup of Cadmium Contaminated Soil through Planting Corn in Soil Enhanced with a Biosurfactant”

Anshuman Sharma, The University of Queensland
“Future mixed traffic: Congested or smooth?”

Necip Uner, Washington University in St. Louis
“From dust to light harvesting materials plasmas for materials synthesis”

Public Health & Aging

Mohua Das, National University of Singapore
“Light up FaTsO”

Abhilasha Kumar, Washington University in St. Louis
“That Word at the Tip of your Tongue”

Chris McMillan, The University of Queensland
“Clamping down on the flavors of flu”

Jasmeen Kaur Sethi, The University of Hong Kong
“The Ovarian Cancer Games: Catching HNF-1β targets”

Dalith Tal Shir, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC)
“Living Long, Living Well: The Role of Pupillometry”

Students selected as finalists following the initial online heats will be awarded up to $2,000 (USD) to cover airfare and lodging expenses while in Beijing to attend the Symposium and present in the live 3MT® competition.  Winners selected by the panel of judges will receive a prize of $1,000 (USD); winners chosen by the audience will receive a prize of $500 (USD).


7th International Symposium 3MT® Coordinator (please contact with questions regarding the competition):

Roumy Theunissen
Director of Global Conversations
Office of Public Affairs
Washington University in St. Louis