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Agriculture, Food & Water

All workshops will be held on the Tsinghua University campus unless otherwise noted.  Tentatively, workshop sessions will be held in parallel from 9:00am – 12:00pm; information is subject to change.

The full workshop schedules and more detailed session information is forthcoming.  Please check back for updates.

Transportation Schedule

Policy Issues: Agriculture and the Environment
Barbara Schaal, Washington University & Xun Pang, Tsinghua University

How institutions respond to challenges associated with agriculture, food, and the environment is shaped by policies.  Science has a central role in developing these policies; good science helps develop good policies.  This workshop will explore polices related to agriculture and the environment.

Plant Biology for Agriculture
Daoxin Xie, Tsinghua University

Facing a growing population and global challenges,  basic research in plant biology offers great promise for understanding fundamental aspects of plant function and adaptation.  This knowledge forms the basis of new crop varieties that not only will have enhanced yield but are adapted to the challenges brought on by climate change,  drought, temperature extremes, and pathogens.