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Public Health & Aging

All workshops will be held on the Tsinghua University campus unless otherwise noted.  Tentatively, workshop sessions will be held in parallel from 9:00am – 12:00pm; information is subject to change.

The full workshop schedule and more detailed session information is forthcoming.  Please check back for updates.

Transportation Schedule

Building Global Health Partnerships: U.S-China-Africa
William Powderly, Washington University, Feng Cheng and Linqi Zhang, Tsinghua University School of Medicine

As China increases its investment in global health and development, novel opportunities to build on existing relationships may appear.  This workshop will explore the health and  development needs in Africa, and how new partnerships may help develop capacity for global health research.

Healthy Aging, Healthy Communities
Nancy Morrow-Howell, Washington University, Gong Chen, Peking University and Qiang Li, Tsinghua University

Population aging has the potential to be both an opportunity and a challenge for China and other countries around the world. Join this workshop for a discussion of multidisciplinary research and projects aimed at supporting an older population that is healthy, active, and engaged in community.

Social Innovation and Public Health
Li Zou, Washington University, Sheying Chen, Tsinghua University

The Next Age Institute is a partnership between Washington University and National University of Singapore, focusing on social innovation under the McDonnell International Scholars Academy. This panel session aims to highlight cutting-edge global examples that explore the intersections of social innovation and public health, and increase participants’ awareness of impactful research conducted by scholars of multiple McDonnell Academy partner universities and will further consolidate growing collaborative research among Academy partners.

Materials for Health and Wellbeing (cross-disciplinary with Energy & Environment)
Guy Genin, Washington University, Yanan Du, Tsinghua University

This panel session aims to showcase cutting-edge research that explores ways in which the next generation of materials technologies improve public health and well-being both through cleaner and more efficient transportation and through medical devices that enable efficient and effective delivery of healthcare. The session will further highlight significant research partnership in this area among McDonnell Academy partners.