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Visa Information

information provided to assist with the process of obtaining a visa to CHINA is given for informational purposes only AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE without notification.

Notice: The deadline to request a visa letter of invitation is September 25, 2018. We will be unable to process requests after this date.


All international visitors to China must have a valid visa.  In most cases, visitors to China can obtain a tourist visa to travel for the purposes of attending a conference; however, attendees should consult an official visa authority in their region for visa options, specific guidelines, and application procedures as they pertain to their citizenship, and purpose for travel, etc.


Official Letter of Invitation

If an official letter of invitation is required, participants MUST make a request using the Letter of Invitation Request Form (link below).  The following information outlines what required information the form will request in the event advance preparation is needed.

  • The form will require uploading a .pdf or .jpg of the identification page in your passport that contains your picture, date of birth, country of citizenship, etc. (You are not required to send images of past visas to China or other documentation).
  • The form will require information regarding your dates of arrival and departure from China.
  • The form requests information about the location of the consulate office at which the visa application will be submitted.  Please determine the country and city prior to completing the request form; accuracy of this information is important.  If incorrect, it may delay or prevent visa processing.
  • If a guest is accompanying you (such as a spouse or other family member), some personal details will be required; this includes their nationality and passport number.  Guests of this relation may also apply for a tourist visa; however, the most appropriate type of visa applicable should be determined by an official visa authority.
  • In accordance with People’s Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs guidelines, letters of invitation have a brief period of validity.  For this reason, letters will not be issued (via email) until approximately three months prior to the Symposium.

Confirmation of Accommodations

  • If you require confirmation of hotel accommodations in order to obtain a visa before Symposium registration has opened and hotel accommodation requests can be made, please contact the McDonnell Academy.

Local Contact Information in Beijing

  • If a local contact in China is required for your application, you may provide the following name and contact details: Tsinghua University Office of International Cooperation and Exchange / +86 (0) 10 6278 3293.